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 پایگاه اطلاعات دامپزشکی- فیلم های آموزشی دامپزشکی

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لینک مجموعه ای از بهترین کلیپ های آموزشی دامپزشکی را می توانید در زیر مشاهده نمایید:

تذکر: فیلم ها بصورت آنلاین می باشند.


Preclinical Courses:

* * * * Anatomy * * * *

Fish Anatomy

Avian Anatomy

Avian Anatomy vs. Mammalian Anatomy

Equine Hoof Anatomy

Equine Thoracic Limb Anatomy: Bones and deeper structures (Part A)

Equine Thoracic Limb Anatomy: Bones and deeper structures (Part B)

Equine Thoracic Limb Anatomy: Bones and deeper structures (Part C)

Equine Thoracic Limb Muscles (Part A)

Equine Thoracic Limb Muscles (Part B)

Equine Thoracic Limb Muscles (Part C)

Equine Palpation - Superficial Anatomy (2 Parts)

Equine Thoracic Limb Osteology By Dr Banga

Ruminant Thoracic Limb Osteology By Dr Banga

Introduction to Nervous System

Sheep Brain Anatomy and Cranial Nerves and Functions - by Experts

Sheep Brain Anatomy  - by Students

Sheep Brain Anatomy  - Full (2 parts) - by Students

Cranial Nerves on Sheep Brain - by Students

Cranial Nerves with Function on a Model - by students

* * * * Histology (Mainly from Human Medicine) * * * *

Histology Lab Review by Dr Banga for Spring 07

Cell Structure- Histology


بقیه فیلم های آموزشی در ادامه مطلب


Animal cell organelles and their functions (short video)

Comparison of animal and plant cell (short video)

3D Thyroid cell video- good for a self quiz (short video)

Cell Cycle / Cell Division - Mitosis (2 videos)

Cell Cycle / Cell Division - Meiosis (3 videos)

Basic Tissues of Body- Histology

Lining Epithelium- Histology

Glandular Epithelium- Histology

Connective Tissue- Histology

Cartilage and Bone- Histology

Muscles- Histology

Nervous Tissue- Histology

Blood and Bone Marrow- Histology

Lymphatic Organs- Histology

Cardiovascular System- Histology

Endocrine System- Histology

Respiratory System - Histology (2 parts)

Urinary System- Histology

Male Reproductive System- Histology

Female Reproductive System- Histology (2 parts)

Integument- Histology

Eye- Histology

Ear- Histology

Oral Cavity- Histology

Esophagus, Stomach and Small Intestine-Histology

Liver, Pancreas and Colon- Histology



* * * * Embryology * * * *

Gametogenesis: Meiosis (2 videos)


Sperm Capacitation

Embryo development from Fertilization to Blastocyst


Different stages (periods) of Embryo

Development of Heart in Embryo

Human Embryology Animations (external link)

Human Embryology Animations - week wise (external link)

Human Embryology Movies (external link)

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Ectopic Pregnancy

How to Clone a Sheep - Funny but good

Cloning Misconceptions

Paraclinical Courses:

* * * * Basic * * * *

Bacteriology - Florida Univ Lecture for NAVLE

How to Streak an Agar Plate (2 videos)

Gram Staining Procedure

Avian Influenza/Flu

  Pathology - Florida Univ Lecture for NAVLE

Veterinary Hematology - Florida Univ Lecture for NAVLE

Blood Cell Analysis

Neutrophils Moving to Site of Infection

Oncology - Florida Univ Lecture for NAVLE

Histopathology - more than 500 video (external link)

Parasitology - Florida Univ Lecture for NAVLE

Veterinary Parasitology Video Clips (external link)

Immunology - Florida Univ Lecture for NAVLE

Dendritic Cell and T Cell Animaltions (external link)

Pharmacology- Florida Univ Lecture for NAVLE

Toxicology - Florida Univ Lecture for NAVLE

Rat Bait Poisoning

Public Health - Florida Univ Lecture for NAVLE

Clinician's Role in Detection of Emerging Infections

* * * * Sample Collection * * * *

Bone Marrow Aspiration Biopsy – Dog

Lymph node Aspiration Biopsy – Dogs

Cerebrospinal Fluid Collection – Dog

Arthrocentesis – Dog

Urogenital Techniques – Small Animals

Tracheal Wash – Dogs

Thoracocentesis - Abdominocentesis – Dogs

Clinical Courses:

* * * * Medicine * * * *

Feline Infectious Diseases - Florida Univ Lecture for NAVLE

Small Animal Cardiology - Florida Univ Lecture for NAVLE

Small Animal Neurology - Florida Univ Lecture for NAVLE

Veterinary Clinical Neurology - Case Studies (external link)

Small Animal Endocrinology - Florida Univ Lecture for NAVLE

Ophthalmology - Florida Univ Lecture for NAVLE

Glaucoma in Dogs and cats

Dermatology - Florida Univ Lecture for NAVLE

Poultry Diseases - Florida Univ Lecture for NAVLE

Swine Diseases - Florida Univ Lecture for NAVLE

Parapalegic Foal: abscess near spinal cord

* * * * Physical Examination * * * *

Physical Examination of Dog / Cat

Restraint of the Dog and Cat

Restraining – Cattle (Part A)

Restraining – Cattle (Part B)

Restraining – Cattle (Parts C)

Tail tying – Cattle

Placing a Catheter for Urine Sample Collection – Cattle

Urine Sample Collection – Cattle

Milking and Mastitis Testing – Cattle

* * * * Injections * * * *

Intravenous Catheter Placement – Dogs

Intravenous Catheter Placement – Dogs

Blood Sample Collection – Dogs

Medication Administration, IV, IM etc. – Dogs

Tail Vein Blood Collection and Injection – Cattle

Jugular vein Blood Collection and Injection – Cattle

Intramuscular Injections – Cattle

Subcutaneous Injections – Cattle

Epidural Anesthesia – Cattle

* * * * Preparation for Surgery * * * *

Preparation of the Surgical Team

Scrubbing, Gowning and Gloving

Surgical Gloving Techniques

Preparation and Draping of the Canine Surgical Patient

* * * * Anesthesia * * * *

 Anesthesia Orientation Video

Anesthesia - Florida Univ Lecture for NAVLE

Anesthetic Protocol

* * * * Sutures * * * *

Techniques of Suture Pattern Placement

Hand and Instrument Knot Tying

Basic Hemostatic Technique

Vessel Isolation Technique for Ligation

Basic Suturing Technique

Burried Continuous Intradermal Suture Pattern Placement

* * * * General Surgery * * * *

Small Animal Surgery - Florida Univ Lecture for NAVLE

Junior Surgery Videos (Michigan State University-external link)

Cataract Surgery Videos (external link)

Closure of Common Skin Defects

Chest Tube Placement – Dogs

Anal Sac Removal in a Dog

Anal Sac Removal in a Dog with Laser Surgery

* * * * Spaying and Castration * * * *

Canine Ovario-Hysterectomy

Canine Ovario-Hysterectomy - Florida University

Canine Castration

Canine Castration - Florida University

Feline Ovario-hysterectomy

Feline Castration

Rabbit Ovario-hysterectomy

Equine Castration (external link)

* * * * Cesarean Section * * * *

Cesarean Section in A Dog (6 parts)

Cesarean Section in A Cow

Cesarean Section in A Monkey

* * * * Abdominal Surgery * * * *

Preparation for Abdominal Surgery

Fundamental Surgical Technique of Ventral Midline Abdominal Approaches – Dogs

Abdominal Exploratory Surgery Opening and Closing an Abdomen

Intestinal Resection & Anastomosis

Use and Care of Stomach Tubes for Dogs and Cats

Hollow Organ Repair - Demo Video

* * * * Orthopedic Surgery * * * *

Femoral Head & Neck Ostectomy Cranial Approach

Exploration of stifle joint and removal of medial meniscus

Medial menisectomy of stifle joint in Dog

Intramedullary pinning and external fixation of an oblique femur fracture

Canine Hip Dysplasia

* * * * Ear Surgery * * * *

Otoscopy in Dogs

Otitis externa: Lateral Ear Resection of Dog

Total Ear Canal Ablation Surgery

* * * * Radiology * * * *

Radiology - Florida Univ Lecture for NAVLE

Abdominal Radiography

Pulmonary Radiography

(also includes: Case Study on Gastric Dilatation, Interlocking Nail for

Treatment of Fracture of long bones, Feline Chronic Renal Failure and Pleural Effusion)

Veterinary Minute X -Ray Contest

* * * * Reproduction * * * *

Dog, Cat and Equine Reproduction - Florida Univ Lecture for NAVLE

Bovine Reproduction - Florida Univ Lecture for NAVLE

* * * * Dystocia in Bovine (credits to UPenn)* * * *

Unassisted delivery (3 ways)

Correcting Headback Dystocia

Joint Flex

Posterior Presentation

Head Back

Calf Jack

Placing Chains

Limb Back Dystocia (forelimb)


Breach Delivery

Posterior Limb Retained

Upside Down Calf


* * * * Vet Techniques * * * *

Blood Pressure in Pets

Tube Feeding to Puppy

Hemodialysis in a Dog

How to apply Stable Bandage in Horses

How to apply Tail Bandage in Horses

Dental Exam and Floating in Horses

 * * * Oral Techniques * * * *

Oral Techniques: Examination – Cattle

Oral Techniques: Balling Gun – Cattle

Oral Techniques: Dose Syringe – Cattle

Oral Techniques: Passing a Stomach Tube – Cattle

Oral Techniques: Passing a Nasal Tube – Cattle

 * * * * Wild Life * * * *

Tiger Dentist

Environment Vet - Wildlife Videos (external link)

Frog Videos (external link)

Miscellaneous Videos:

Videos from VetStoria (external link)

Canine Acupuncture

Acupuncture for Hip Arthritis

What to Do if Your Cat Has Broken Bones: Animal First Aid

Trusting the Internet for Vet Information

Pet Videos for pet owners (external link)

Pet Diseases Videos for Pet Owners (external link)

Cat Care Videos - Cornell Univ. (external link)

Veterinary News Network Videos (external link)

Veterinary Instrumentation Videos (external link)

Videos for technicians from Ontario Association of Vet Technicians (external link)


Staff Training Videos (external link)

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